Wella Colouring Services

Koleston Perfect
Root regrowth from £40.00
Roots combed through from £45.00
Full head colour from £50.00
Extra long/ thick hair + add from £15.00
Illumina colour + add from £5.00

This hair dye uses pure balance and ME+ technology to ensure bright, even-looking and intense colour results with 100% grey coverage.

Colour Touch
Roots-regrowth from £38.00
Roots & combed trough from £44.00
Full head colour from £48.00
Extra long/ thick hair +add from £13.00

Creating intense, natural hair shade with Wella Colour Touch rich natural semi permanent hair colour, formulated with no ammonia.

True Grey
Silver glow full head from £32.00
Long/Thick+add from £ 5.00
Silver glow part head from £25.00
Wella Shinefinity
Shinefinity from £30.00
Shinefinity glaze from £25.00

Embrace silver tones, an oxidative silver revitalising treatment. Tone and treat naturally grey hair, no lift, just tone, pigments fade away naturally for grey hair from 50-100%

Shinefinity a long lasting colour glaze with Zero lift and Zero damage, hint of tint, and shine you can feel. Stand alone on natural hair or after having a lightening service.

Roots/regrowth from £45.00
Full head bleach from £55.00
Extra long/ thick hair +add from £15.00
Blondorplex or Wellaplex + add
Short to medium length from £15.00
Extra long/thick hair from £25.00

Blondor and Blondorplex by Wella.

We can create a wide range of lightning blonde results from warm to extra cool blondes. Blondor is gentle for your hair and scalp.

Wella Creative Colouring
Ombre, balayage, waterfalls ect. (Prices on quotation) from £90.00

(Consultation and patch testing needed prior to booking)

Colour Cleanse
Removal of colour build up without damaging your hair from £50.00
Highlights, Lowlights and Babylights
Full head Short Length from £52.00
Full head Medium Length from £68.00
Full head Longer Length from £80.00
Extra long/ thick hair +add from £15.00
Part head (Top & sides) from £48.00
T-bar (Parting & few at the front) from £38.00

If you want to have multiple tones running through your hair, then highlights lowlights or babylights are for you. Our stylists can introduce beautiful shades to your colour, adding gorgeous lighter or darker tones to create a stunning finish.

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